1E / 1NL – Poster booklets

You are given one article from the book ‘Twenty-two tips on Typography / Twenty-two things you should never do with Typefaces’ by Enric Jardi. Summarise and visualise your article in the form of a poster-booklet (‘one-page-zine’). This A3 poster folds down to a 6-page A6 booklet, plus front and back cover.

Your poster-booklet will have 2 functions: poster and informative booklet.

Maximum of 2 colours allowed. Please have a good think about printing methods, other than just digital print-outs (screen-print etc) and paper, other than the standard laser-print 80gr.

Each of you will collect all booklets by your colleagues and yourself towards the end of this semester into one bundle, so please keep in mind that your booklet will eventually be printed for every student.


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