1/2/3/4: Science Frictions

Symposium and workshop on
Creations in bio-art & bio-science

22 November 2017
Venue: DesignLab, Pinetumweg, Enschede

With invited artists, scientists and philosophers we will encounter and discuss new creations of biotechnologies. With CRISPR-CAS gene editing, organs-on-chips, and the routine manipulation of stem cells, new acute questions arise: what is life and living bodies, where is the boundary between nature and culture, human and nonhuman? We will ask how can think and act when facing new organs of biotech. Science-Frictions is a joint production by AKI and DesignLab University of Twente.

Entrance is free but registration is required.

Science-Friction workshop "Investigative Observatory" 
with Špela Petrič, Miha Turšič 13.00-16.00 registration

Science-Friction symposium 16:30-19.30 registration
More info: https://www.artez.nl/en/science-frictions-creations-in-bio-art-bio-science


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