3/4 Registration deadline for BIO MATTERs!

artistic research program 2017/18 
Time: Every Wednesday (07.03.2018 till 30.05.2018) 10.00h-16:30h

To apply for the course, send an email to Agnieszka A. Wolodzko by the 26th of January! Space is limited to 10 participants!

AKI BIO MATTERs artistic research program follows bioart’s movement to learn how to think and create when your medium is alive. We will face with the art and science relations and practices of living matter manipulations in a manner that hands-on practice is never separated from instant processes of thinking. We will experience and discuss what is actually happening in the labs within wider Do IT Yourself biology and bioart scene and what are the ethical, political and cultural challenges of living matter manipulations. In other words, rather than representing the reality, we will invent a reality. The aim of AKI BIO MATTERs is to to create spaces of thinking while doing, and doing while thinking with the living matters.

Spring semester: Project 7EC or Minor 15EC (continuation of fall semester)
Questions concerning participation should be discussed with the head of department and mentor first!

Lecturer: Agnieszka Anna Wołodźko a.wolodzko@artez.nl
Room: BioLab
Preparation for the course: Reading materials to be provided in early February


1) 7.03
2) 14.03
3) 21.03
4) 28.03
5) 04.04
6) 11.04
7) 18.04
8) 25.04
9) 16.05
10) 30.05 


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