1E: additional remarks on the 2nd assignment

Dear students,

With most of you I talked about your plan for the second assignment, Past Imperfect. I saw some great, beautiful and ugly-to-the-point-of-painful places, all very promising stories! Here are a few remarks to (hopefully) help you along; some we already discussed, some I felt I should add.

planning: don't overthink it, start planning and doing. Have a plan B, just in case that interview, that appointment, that museum visit won't work out.

documenting: take notes of everything you do, every step you take researching. You may stumble onto walls, closed doors or stonecold silence - and may be thát story is as telling about a painful building project as is the real history they won't let you find out!

ownership: tell the story the way you want to tell it, find your own perspective. Again: don't overthink it. Let the place, the atmosphere, or the research speak to you. When you like telling it, the reader will like reading it.

smart: being creative is about solving problems - including practical problems. Trouble with writing, photographing, recording? Why not ask someone who likes it or is good at it to do it for you - not limited to classmates. Share experiences and knowledge, help each other out. If you need something from me or Johan: don't wait till the next class, contact us.

inspiration: does not exist. But you can build an internal archive of which sometimes drawers spontaneously open when you need, eh, inspiration. Here's a link to a collection of 'longreads' done by masters of the trade: https://www.dtelepathy.com/blog/inspiration/20-examples-of-long-form-content-with-great-ux-design

That's it. Good luck!


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