Follow up still life assignment ACD-1 & MI-1 English

Hello everybody,
It was good to see that some of you are really getting on with the still life assignment but I have seen too many not coming up with good or any results.
I want to urge you all to get on with this assignment because it will be only one of very few for this semester and I need you all to come up with a flabbergasting good print for the exhibition.

For next lesson, March 19, I want to see at least 23 good prints on the table!

(if I can do it in between y other work (twice already: 2 series of three different still lives) you should be able to come up with at least one good print by the 19th.

If you face any problems: go to Aalt, Marcel or come to me but don't show up with nothing.

Good luck!


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