1E: Reminder - presentation 2nd assignment, Tuesday April 10

Dear students,

Remember: coming Tuesday April 10 is Second Assignment Presentation Day! Contrary to earlier announcements, we will not present the web pages together with the Dutch group - we’ll keep it in the family. We will be in the beamer room 1.12, on the left in the ACD hallway, starting at 10.15 hrs.

Project finished? Good! Show it off to your classmates!
Project only half-finished? We want to see it anyway, and you may take away tips and tricks!
Still in the ‘What Project?’-phase? Shame on you! – but come anyway, and learn.

In other words: it’s absolutely crucial that you all be there, since we learn from each other. Please make sure we’re ready to start on time; have your web pages linked to each other and/or have your page up in a browser.

If you want me to see or comment on your web page before Tuesday, please feel free to e-mail me.

Have a nice weekend, and see you all on Tuesday!



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