1E - Materials: final assignment - deadline 25/05

Dear all, 

at this link you can find instructions for the final assignment, as always feel free to email me if you have questions or need more guidance. The deadline for the assignment is May 25: you will notice that the final assignment consists of making two models. You are required to finish one before our final class, we will make the second one in class. During our last session you will be asked to present your new finalised model together with the idea for the second one, we will discuss together and decide how to bring it further.

Important note: I assume that by now exercise 1 and 2A and 2B are almost finalised for all of you. Please keep in mind that, as previously communicated by email, weekly updates on your progress are part of the final evaluation and necessary in order to pass this course. As discussed, since unfortunately due to holidays we have very few classes this semester, off-class work is crucial. So far I received updates from: Kirill, Nabiah, Pam, Anna, so for those of you who haven’t sent their updates yet, please do so immediately. This is important. 

Looking forward to our next session!


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