1/2/3/4: Important: grab your work!

Dear students,

Be aware of the following actions and dates:

All of your work needs to be taken home before the 13th!!
Remember this includes: All work in the drawers (for example 1.53), shelf cabinets!!
Cluthering present after the 13th, will be thrown away. 

The building crew will start clearing out the following rooms on the following dates.
Before these dates these rooms need to be clear of work and ateliers.
For graduation students goes that the exam work will be stored or can stay.

Wed 13: Garage, Auditorium, 1.41 (gallery)

Thu 14: Garage, Hall B (ACD/FA), Hallways, Shelf Cabinets, 1.50, 1.51, 1.20, 1.18

Fri 15: 1.50, 1.51, 1.20, 1.18, 1.43

Sa 16/June: 1.14, 1.18, 1.16
Su 17/June: 1.14, 1.18, 1.16

1helps4: For all the first years, if you haven't already, your fourth year will contact you when and how to help. If you are not linked to a fourth year, there's plenty of painting/moving/etc to do.


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